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Implementing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) as well as Retort-process or vacuum packing application.

Supply all required elements of the Map, Retort or Vacuum system.

Advising on implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for the prevention of foodborne hazards and the assurance of food safety through both precaution and traceability

Supply packaging, customized or off-the-shelf for long shelf life including the new AMPET trays allowing up to two years shelf-life in ambient environment. We also supply the right solutions for chilled and frozen food as well as oven and microwave friendly packaging.

Technical support for our systems is available nationwide.

Enviropack™: We supply biodegradable and compostable food packaging. Some of this packaging is oven and microwave friendly. A huge range of existing as well as customized packaging is available in very affordable prices.

We supply pouches and bags, retort-able flexible material, bottom web as well as top lidding film. Skin and Barrier film is available. All can be printed, metalized or clear.

We supply ILPRA tray-sealers and thermo-forming machines (form-pack machines) as well as liquid fill-seal machines for tubs or bottles.
The range of the machine stretches from manual table-top machines up to fully automatic industrial

We supply Lavezzini vacuum chambers and sous-vide machine

We also supply Leonhardt dozers for dry or wet products portioning the product through one or multiple nozzles with hoppers up to 250lt.

Support of our machines is available via trained technicians based in JHB and Cape Town as well as support by manufacturers as required.

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