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Sealing Film

Sealing Film


Lidding, Sealing, Protecting, Forming, Extending shelf-life FILMS

Film can be designed for different uses and products –

Its basic use is to supply evidence in case a product packaging being opened and tempered with.

Other uses can be for thermoforming, vacuum, MAP or Skin packing.

Film can be –

  • High barrier – enabling long shelf life
  • Anti-Fog – for clear view of product
  • Peeling film easy to open or welded film for stronger, secured sealing
  • Clear, opaque, metallic or picture-printed. Print is in between layers so there is no contact with food

All our packaging and film suppliers are internationally accredited with BRC, HACCP and ISO/DIN certificates as required in SA and at the country of origin. All our products supplied in SA are locally accredited by WW. Our products are Euro-zone and/or FDA accredited. Our films and trays are used by major food processors supplying to all major retailers in SA – WW, PnP, SPAR, Famous Brands and more.


We now offer recyclable and/or compostable sealing films suitable for all purposes.

These can be used on Aluminum trays, PP trays, APET and CPET trays and more.

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