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AGQPE is one of the first leaders in South Africa in promoting the use of the biodegradable and compostable packaging. As such AGQPE has brought to SA the VEG-STARCH plastic known as PLA as well as the sugar cane pulp –made packaging. These types of packaging are available on request. AGQPE works closely with COLPAC of the UK. COLPAC is one of the major innovator and supplier of degradable packaging and with its support we penetrated the markets in South Africa and in Southern Africa countries like Nigeria, Namibia and others.

Innovative Food Packaging Solutions.British designer and manufacturer delivering to over 50 countries colpacpackaging.com

Colpac savori™ range of packaging has been designed specifically for hot food and is suitable for burgers, pies, jacket potatoes, soups, wraps, panini, other take away food and food to go offerings.


As pioneers in believing and supplying compostable packaging we can source and supply compostable films, bags, clam-shell packaging and more.

All the products will be fully organic and certified as such. The original material that the products are made from will be mostly sugar-cane, palm leaves or seaweed pulp We can also prepare and supply bespoke shapes and sizes of required trays and tubs with corporate logo and more.

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