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Leonhardt – Leading Manufacturers of Piston and Volumetric Depositors for the Food Industry

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Leonhardt Depositing equipment has an excellent reputation: manufactured to the highest quality, very robust and reliable in every way.
No wonder that they have been serving so many customers so well for so many years. Their consistent high quality, on-going product development and innovation allow us to create the perfect solution for your depositing application.

The Leonhardt SD range of Volumetric Depositors are ideal for accurately depositing cooked rice, noodles and cooked pasta for ready meals, a wide range of cooked vegetables, seafood and a host of other difficult to pump products.

The Leonhardt TGs Series of depositors is the newest addition to the range. Compact, mobile and versatile, it is ideal for depositing soups, sauces, sandwich fillings, deli salads, ready meal components desserts and jams.
This small solution offers big benefits like gentle handling with very accurate portioning and the machine is very easy to dismantle for cleaning.
The Leonhardt TG Series of depositors offers the next step up in production capability. The machines from the TG range can be equipped with up to 12 outlets for maximum speed with very accurate portioning accuracy. The compact and mobile design makes it easy for quick product changeovers and the hygienic design ensures quick and easy strip down for cleaning.

The Leonhardt AG Series of depositors offer the same advantages as the TG series but is equipped with servo drives and a user friendly touch screen HMI. There is the possibility to pre programme up to 100 different set of product parameters to ensure quick changeover of products.
The AG Series is capable of high speeds with reduced energy consumption.

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